The technology in our schools is past its useful life and must be replaced.

The proposed bond would give Okemos teachers the tools to continue delivering the excellent education that Okemos is known for.

Proposed Technology Purchases:  $9,704,700

chart showing proposed purchases for Classroom Technology with bond fundsThe 2013 technology bond enabled the purchase of personal learning devices for each student.  These devices are now 6 years old and have reached the end of their useful life. Insurance costs for the devices are included in these figures.

chart showing list of proposed tech purchases with bond fundsInfrastructure includes cabling, switches, fiber optic cable, and routers that need upgrades to allow the full educational use of technology.

chart showing proposed bond purchases for transportation departmentTransportation technology will upgrade all technology and provide enhanced radio contact with buses, provide security cameras at the bus garage and update computer systems. 

Chart showing proposed athletic purchases with bond fundsAthletics/PE will provide middle school and high school scoring systems, provide network connection in the press box and radios for playground use.

School clocks in all buildings other than the high school will be replaced and the video education system that allows videos to be sent to all classrooms will be upgraded.

Community Education and the Senior Center will receive upgrades to current computers and systems.

See a detailed list of technology purchases, including school-specific purchases and timeline information:

2019 Costs and Implementation Timeline-Technology