Important safety and security issues will be addressed to ensure our students are learning in a secure environment. Aging buses will be replaced so our students are transported safely.

red fire alarm on wall with hand about to pull it

Necessary fire system updates will be installed throughout the district (Facility Upgrades).

Additional locks, cameras, communication systems, and 3M window-strengthening film will be installed, enhancing security in our buildings (Security Upgrades).

closeup of school bus front

Aging buses will be replaced as needed and two additional buses will be added to the fleet, reducing congestion as our student population grows (Transportation). Important security upgrades will be added to our Bus Depot (Technology).

smiling adult directing traffic in carline

The parking lots at both Bennett Woods and Cornell Elementary Schools will be re-configured and repaved to reduce congestion and increase safety during pick-up and drop-off times (Facility Upgrades).