This bond will provide critical funding to allow Okemos faculty to deliver research-based educational methods proven to be effective for today’s learners. Projects were selected based on their ability to positively impact the learning environment for students, faculty, and staff.

students gathered around labtop, green background

Classroom technology, including 1:1 student devices, are at the end of their useful life and must be replaced. Our faculty rely on these devices to help deliver a curriculum that reaches beyond classroom walls and inspires students at every ability level. (Technology)

classroom desks, chairs arranged in circles

Classroom desks and chairs, not updated for almost 20 years (and showing it!), will be replaced with styles that can be configured according to the instructional needs of individual lessons. “Flexible learning environments” are shown to support better learning outcomes and are more engaging for students. (Capital Outlay)

student looking overheated with fan blowing on him

Only half of our buildings are equipped with air conditioning, making warm weather learning difficult for students, unpleasant for faculty and staff, and hard on sensitive computer equipment. (Facility Upgrades)