Okemos school buildings have an average age of 49 years, and they require diligent attention to keep them safe, efficient, and capable of meeting today’s educational needs. Proposed bond projects in this category address only needs that our Administrative Team identified as “Level 1 Critical” in the district.

Proposed Facility Use Projects

Air Conditioning installation – OPM, Cornell, Hiawatha, Edgewood, Chippewa (Fine Arts and Science wings) $2,175,000
Bathroom Renovations$1,650,000
LED Lighting (to improve energy efficiency)$560,000
Athletics/Physical Education –
Replace Chippewa & Kinawa tennis courts
Parking and traffic flow improvements –
Cornell & Bennett Woods
Safety – Fire system upgrades $465,000
Fine Arts – OHS instrument storage and practice rooms $435,000
Bus Garage Upgrades $80,000
Total – Facility Upgrades$6,390,000

Air Conditioning

Chart showing benefits of adding air conditioning to school buildings
Source: Tech Security Capital Outlay Transportation  Long Range Planning Committee Report, available on the district’s website (page 16)

The district will replace existing fluorescent lighting with energy efficient LED lighting.  Hallway bathrooms will be refurbished.  Traffic flow and parking will be improved at Cornell and Bennett Woods.  The bond will allow all schools to be fully air conditioned as are Bennett Woods, Kinawa and Okemos High School. The deteriorating tennis courts can be replaced.  The High School fine arts wing will get much needed instrument storage and practice rooms.  Aging fire alarm systems will be brought up to current standards.  Underground fuel tanks at the Bus Garage will be will be replaced by above-ground storage tanks that do not require expensive monthly inspections.