Tight budgets in recent years have forced the district to delay furniture and equipment replacement, and some of these items are now in very poor condition. It’s time to replace some of these aging items to keep our students and staff safe and our educational programs running strong.  Items listed in this category were identified as the highest needs.

Capital Outlay (Equipment): $3,144,410

classroom desks, chairs arranged in circles

  • Classroom furniture:  $1,368,725
  • Employee furniture: $184,800
  • Cafeteria tables:  $280,000
  • Elementary storage/shelves/cabinetry:  $21,700
  • Edgewood lobby/desks/chairs:  $15,400
  • OHS outdoor benches/tables:  $10,000

row of student lockers, redThere is a need for student lockers in every building except Okemos High School.  Both Chippewa and Kinawa need instrument storage lockers to keep student instruments safe during the school day.

tuba on its side, white backgroundThe Okemos music programs will be able to provide instruments for students, especially very expensive instruments such as cellos, upright bases, tubas, percussion equipment, oboes, and bassoons as is required by law. 

maroon auditorium curtain, closed

  • Chippewa concert shell and auditorium curtain replacement: $107,000
  • OHS auditorium curtain replacement:  $7,000

various sports equipment on black background

  • Athletic uniforms
  • Equipment
  • Helmets

school bus driving into a washing station

  • Vehicle lift: $43,000
  • Bus washing station:  $25,000

drinking fountain with water pouring out

  • Building signage at Kinawa and OHS (interior and exterior):  $15,000
  • Kinawa lunchtime activity equipment: $1,000
  • Drinking fountains at the elementary schools:  $12,800
  • Laboratory refrigerators, OHS science department:  $15,000